Thursday, April 17, 2008


ok, so it is the end of tcap! Y-E-A-H and school went well. i'm glad tcap is over , lucky max and the rest, dont have to go to school! but what the really wierd thing is that im reading the 2 nd book : 'School is out- forever'! i just wish that was MY story! but that is a book, and this is the real life. but only 23 more days of school and then summer, and my b-day! but 23 more horrible days in school, ahh, i cant even imagine that. and im home alone! BOOYA par-tay! no, not really, my mom would shred me up.
blondie <3

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Skiprilla95 said...

You're mother appears to be quite violent. By the way, I am trying to comment as much as possible, so get used to it!