Monday, February 23, 2009

Chorus Concerte(we pwnd)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, today we ( chorus) went to Murfresborrow to a chorus competition, it was fun skipping skool. The eight grade chorus powned everybody coming in superior! Oh, a funny thing that happened was, we were walking onto the stage, and Leah was leading the bottom row, and i accidently step on her shoe so, she had to walk on stage with one shoe on and one shoe off! Thank you cluminess!!! It must have been an awkward sight to the judges, and the audience. The other choruses, sucked horribly! Oh, and i saw a mini version of Mary!! It was FREAKY!! When we got back onto the buses, Ed Wrights ( this really big wrestler dude) sat on me!!! I'm fine, though; a little squashed. It was a fun day. Right now, i'm in the Coaches ( Clarke) room, listening the JORTC talk about uniforms ( which is REALLY A BIG WAIST OF TIME AND STUPID!!) and waiting for Jill to come pick me up to go shopping for tomorrow ( Shrove Tuesday). Well, my sis is here and she has a rifle in her hand ( Oh god, wut is she going to do?? Shoot me?? HA! I'd encorage her to try, stupid!!!) Namarie.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay, hey! Sorry i didn't up date for a while. Just been busy! *coughnotreallycough* Well, my science teacher (mrs. Worsham) is freaking annoying and she WONT approve of my friend's and my science fair projects! I am running out of ideas here! She is just so crazy! ARGH i want to kill her! She needs to be fired, and go back to missippi and be a hill billy! Damn her and that fucking science fair project! We had writer's club today, it was fun. Oh, i am writing my own version of Mettimeo/ Martin the Warrior book! I hope to post it on here soon! Though, i am on a writer's block. - - ' Oh, and MASH is sooooo bull! It's basically detetion to the people who don't do there homework. Toture.