Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkeys. Insane people and the beach!

okay, hey guys! I know it's been forever scince i last posted on here, and i apologize. Well, as we all know( at least i should hope we all know) this thursday is Thanksgiving! Most of us in Williams County are out for the holiday. MY family is at the beach right now, so i am posting in Navarre, Florida! My grandma and big sister are comin down on Wednessday and we are celebrating Thanksgiving here. Dang, the beach is so pretty, but cold. Though, the water is breath taking literly, it's freezing it takes my breath away! Oh, how many of you people saw Twilight? Wasn't it GREAT?!?! I loved Jasper and Carlisle! They were the cutest of all the hot vamps. I say that Kristen played a good part of spazzing out when she got bitten. I got a Twilight jacket, and i had 50 people say it was amazingly cute.
  My mom is making me make lunch, we're havin hot dogs! I hope i don't burn thins down! Well, i need to go, so, ttyl.