Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Love Squared

ok, well my friends: Meredeth and Ella and i are making a story. called "Love Squared". We decided that it would be fun and all. keep you posted on it.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Renassance Vesitval

ok, today i went to the Ren. fair. it was really fun, i saw a really good improve, and i live chest game, with really humans and heard really good music. so, it was all fun!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008


ok. the title tells it all. i am sick and i am sick of all my projects that r due on monday! =o yes, i have started on them, but not alot. are you asking how i will get both done over the weekend? well I DNT NO

Thursday, May 8, 2008


ok, so well i have a face book, and my friend is on. we r chatting on it wierd huh? no not exactly, like evety place you can tell about yourself as it..... it is like everybody had to be talking to eachother 24/7 but there are better thing to do than talk to your friends!!! then why am i doing it? good question.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well....that went well....

ok, so my day.. it was TOTALLY ASWUME!! i had a great day!! first, we didnt have mrs m for our math teacher today. second: socail studies we just had a study hall. Three: language was fun !! four: well science was just plain disturbing!!!! five: G.I. just went out side and katie keristead and i had a fight with shoes! and i got high on oxygen. sixth: art was fun, erin gill kept making me laugh and i stole her water. seven: chorus, we sang " Everybody" by Backstreet boys. yeah my day was great , oh and Tori Hook is being stalked.

Monday, May 5, 2008


ok, so well where to start? Well 1) we had a pop quiz in math 2) i'm trying to get my 10 hrs for my communityl service project, which i honestly thinks is crap. 3) my science teach is lecturing to us that if we fail our lab test - we fail science. 4) Chorus, we have a project. 5) my friend is inviting me to c a movie on the last day of school and afterwards, we get to burn our notes! I'm really glad, me and my friend- Erin Gill, screamed at the teachers, " I hope you heard that we are going to burn your crapy notes!" and they actually looked at us! 6)I keep having High on Oxygen attachs( dont ask) yeah that is pretty much my day. i really need to show my friends. they'll crack up.
ps,\. my new ego is : thcb or The Hyper Crazy Blonde.
peace out dudes!
i pwn joo loosers! no jk nobody is a looser, well except a guy in my class.

Friday, May 2, 2008

i'm sorry

im sorry, i couldnt complete the whole night, i failed. sorry
black blonde

omg! it is 12

YEAH i made it all the way to 12!! congrates to ella dermon too for staying up with me. we r making a quiz on quizilla. it is fun.
ps. i tried to go into my kitchen but it failed.

!!:00 hour

ok, so while my friend has to get on another computer, i will tell wut we have been doing. We have beem cyber writing in eachothers stories. In my friednds, Ella , we had some difficulties with a scence. It was a romantic one and i was going to put in french kissing, but we had messed the sentenced up, so we couldnt put it in. But after we got that ordeal over with, we had another. Who would wr ite the scence? I was the one who had too. See, i have a wicked power. I can write love scences really well! this week i wrote 5 for Ella!! and i complained and i actually brided her and coned her. But she didnt get it. It is 11:11! Make a wish!

10:00 hour

ok, so for the whole hour i have been reading and talking to ella - my friend!! the sleepyiness is starting to get to me though, but i will tough it out!


ok, well this is my first hour, and yes, you guys say it doesnt count,but for me, i'm usually in bed by eight, so tuff beans! ok, wut i was doing, i was reading! my book is really good. and for the people wondering, i am going to post more of the story tonigth. well i guess i will c u again at 10.
peace out,


i am not going to sleep tonight. i am going to try to stay awake and stuff. i will give an hourly report. so, you will know wut i have been doing all night. c ya,

sub for the sub

ok, well my real sub is out of town so we had another sub. I've had her before. Her name is Ms. Hildreth. Yes, she is a writer that wrote Savanaha from Savanaha and Savanah undone. so, she made us write short stories. We got them back today and she wrote excellent on mine! Tori hook was the winner of our class. She got Ms. Hildreth's book. My other friend, Merideth Sherwood, got the book too. Well today was fun.