Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my deranged, mental, crazed family!

ok, so, well i cant stop typing and, all. I'm alone in my house, sis taking a bath, mom at the hospital-- checking on her dad, my grandfather. Well what's up with him? He keeps falling and hurting himself. And when the nurse that comes to his house said that he had gained 14 MORE oz. of fiuld (that is bad) he had to go to the hopsital, she siad that it will help him and then he is going to rehab, and i just talked to my mom. She is coming home! *saracastically speakin* i really dont want her home, i want to stay up and write to you. But yeah, where was i? oh yeah, the part about my grandfather being in the hospital, and she complains and complains about him falling every day and my grandmother and big sister - she lives with them. have to struggle to pick him up. And the other day my big sister had a mental break down in the car. The whole complaining part is driving me insane!! i mean she just talks about him , and you may think im being shelfish but im not. I really do care for him, but sometimes it really gets annoying with my mom. But come on, i should give her a break. Well , i think i'm going to get off that subject and on to my day. My sister and i went to the dentist. my sis has really bad hygine and i'm ok. oh, and another thing about my crazed family is that my dad always talks to my sister and not me! it's like im invisble to him and stuff! I'm about to go on a war path with him and my whole family for a matter of fact.
c ya,
po'd and about to go to war.

ps, please pary for me to come out victorious in the battle. I wonder if i WILL.

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Skiprilla95 said...

So...about to go to war, are we? I am assuming you are talking about Mary. I feel like going to war with my sister basically everyday, so you are not alone in THAT battle, my friend.