Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my day

ok!!! so like today is the chorus concrete and i'm extermily happy!!! so if you couldnt tell , but i am....and i'm really happy?!? did i tell u that already???! HAHAH

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Maximum Ride Fanic

ok sorry if it is short, but not feeling good.

Part 4: First Fight.
We had been flying for only forty-five minutes when we saw flying Erasers. I felt like I needed to kick somebody’s butt. I hit one on the chest really hard and he fell out of the sky really quick. Max had to fight a guy named Ari, she had said back at the School. Fang had taken most of them out. The other members didn’t really have to fight.


ok, so ya know one of my blogs it was about my grandfather? no, he isnt dead, but back at home. we took him home today. he seemed happy, but i'm not. my mom kept hollering at me!!! plus i wasnt feeling good either. but my parents r going to make me anerexic. they say i'm fat and i'm not!! they tease me and hurt my feelings. sometimes parents can b soooo MEAN!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maximum Ride Fanic

My feet kept getting burned and I fell twice!! By the time I got out of there, I was a mess. My feet were bleeding, from being burned. And I fell hard on my cheek. I wanted to stop, lie down in my cage and forget this every happened. I got my wish, the white coats shoved me back into the room and I got in my cage.
Part 3: Oh, no.
Ok, so the next day I was soar all over. Plus my heart hurt too, I don’t know what the white guys did to me. I waited for them to come, and get me, and they did. Instead of the usual , we went outside. ‘My chance to get away.’ I thought. The white guys left and I was alone. I was wandering what they where talking about.
“Should we see, if the experiment worked?” the short guy asked. “Yes, but how do we make her?” a women asked. “How, ‘bout we take off her shirt, and see if they even grew? Then we could let the Erasers after her?” a man asked. “No, we won’t let the Erasers out, but we will see if they grew. She looks like she would adapt quickly.” They went outside again.
I heard the footsteps and turned. They had a look on their faces that scared me. They started to walk forward, and I backed up. “Now, listen, we just have to look at something on your back, so if you could be so kind, lift up your shirt.” one lean guy said. I didn’t trust them, but I guess they wouldn’t hurt me, so I did. I felt them run there finger’s up and down my spine, they were saying really weird things, that I didn’t understand. But then one did something that made me scream in pain. I fell to my knees, panting. My back hurt like hell. “Sorry, I didn’t know that would hurt,” the guy said. I didn’t answer him. “So, she does have them?” a female said. ‘What?’ I thought. I got to my feet, something felt really weird. My back and shoulders were heavier. My shadow on the grass looked like I had grown wings. ‘Am I going nuts?’ I thought. I reached back and touched feathers! I had grown wings!! So I am now a avian-kid. My life is ruined. I wanted to test out my freak wings and maybe I would have a chance. “So, now that I’m officially a bird hybrid, when do I get to test these babies out?” I asked. The white coats looked surprised that I actually liked them. “Well, now we’re going to teach you how to fly.” the women said. I shrugged at the idea and went a long. “One, thing you mustn’t EVER forget, keep flapping. Then to stop, bank and slowly and gently let your self down. To turn, just tilt either wing. It is kind of like flying an air plain.” I nodded, trying to get everything in my head down. “Ok, try to flap.” At first it was really hard, my muscle weren’t used to it and after ten minutes of flapping , managed to get a inch off the ground. That got me really excited and I flapped harder, and I got farther in the air. When I was about five feet in the air, a bad thing happened. My muscles in the back , cramped and I fell. It only took two milliseconds to fall, hard on the grass. I had knocked the wind out of me. I saw stars and the white coats looking down at me. “Ok, let’s stop for today.” the lean guy said. You can say that again. I got up, my back hurt , and fell on my leg too. So I limped to my crate. I was happy to be done today. I paused at me crate , wondering how I was going to get in with my freakishly large new white wings. “Fold them in.” A girl said. “What?” I asked confused. “Try to fold them in.” the girl repeated. I did and struggled, but got it. “Thanks, what is your name?” I asked. “I’m Max, you are?” max asked. “Col. Rave.” I said. “So, you’re a dog of the military?” max asked. “Yes, but I can’t go back. Now that I’m well…” I hesitated. “A freak, like me.” max said. “huh?” I asked confused. “I have wings too, and so does the rest.” Max said. “Wait, there is more of you?” I asked. “Yes, guys say hello to rave.” Then ‘hellos’ came. “So, how long have you’ve been like that?” I asked. “Fourteen years. For the three oldest.” max said. “wow, that must be hard.” I said. “Yes, it is , because we have Erasers following us. We escaped from this lab, and we’ve been on the run from the white coats and the Erasers.” Max said. “Why, and the white coats treat me fine.” “Not for long, and I really don’t know why.” Max said. “So, how did you get stuck back here in hell?” I asked. “Trying to save angel, she is the littlest one of the group.” max said. “Oh, ok. Are you guys planning on escaping sometime?” I asked. “Yes, when ever they can let us out into the training fields. We are going to fly away.” max had a lot of determination in her voice. It got quiet and then max spoke, “ You, want to join the Flock?” “Huh?” I asked. “You want to join my group? It would be fun to have another member. Hey, guys what do you think? Should Rave join?” Then ‘yes’s’ came from the room. I blushed. “Well, then I guess you are the newest member, Rave.” Max said. I smiled, “Thanks. But how are we going to escape?” “Well, I really haven’t thought that far.” Max said. We talked about how to escape. We finally got to a good plan. We just had to wait , until one of the guards came by. Then Angel would do her thing. We waited until the guard came by, oh it took forever!! I felt like I was going to explode if I didn’t get out of here. Then a tubby guard came by, and kicked all our cages. Then he came to Angel’s, “Hello, would you mind if I have the keys?” “Yes, I don’t mind. Here you go,” the guard said and gave her the keys. “Thanks, now go away and you don’t remember anything.” “I have to go,” and he walked out. Angel unlocked her cage and came around to all of ours. Then we carefully snuck out. But, then an Eraser had to come around the next corner. “Go,” Max said. Fang lunged forward at him. They were fighting, then it morphed to an wolf. He snapped his large yellow canines at Fang, and managed to nick fang’s face. “Now, you really deserve that!” Fang said, and did a spin kick into the Eraser’s neck. He fell crumpled on the floor. “Max, more are coming.” Iggy said

so, so

ok, so my week is going ok. My math teacher really got mad at us becuase we didnt know how to do some "easy" math probs. and nobody did there hw, but for except five people. i was one of the five. So we r having a test tomorrow, not prepared, and plus i have to teach my science class too. I'm teaching on the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic systems. I honestly dont know any of the stuff that i have to teach. Sorry, i haven't posted any of my story, but i'll try. oh in english we keep having subs, and we scared the last one off and he wont come back, and this one that we were susposed to have never showed. so we r sub-less.
write on,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maximum Ride Fanic

okay, i started a maximum ride fanfic and i'm typing it up:

The Maximum Ride Fanfic
By: Molly Four
Part 1 : Them
Okay so ya’ll will all be thinking this , why am I walking in a back ally? Well, you see, I’m meeting someone here. No, not my boyfriend, but a guy I know that is tied up with Tucker. Oh, where are my manner’s? I’m Lilly, but everybody calls me Rave, I do have a last name , but I don’t have parents anymore , so I don’t have to have a last name. I’m going to meet him, and exchange info. But I was thinking the same thing: Why in a dark ally, in the middle of the night? I just shrugged it off, not knowing what the hetch I was getting myself into. Oh, and it is right by a big libratory. Yet again I shrugged off the bad vibe I was getting, my dad’s side of the family. Okay, as I entered the ally, and a guy, well not a guy, a thing , I think it was a chimera , but it was to big to be one and it was hairy and it snarled, or spoke. I don’t know! Okay, I was mortally shocked at this that I didn’t know that there was another one. I felt a stinging pain and I hit the asphalt like a ton of bricks.
I felt a weird numbing , stinging feel. I was groggy from last night. I heard voices, and the room smelled of sanitary soap. Was I in the hospital? No, remember that building I told you about? Yes, I was in there. Okay, you will probably think I am a chicken, but I started to freak and the nurse in a white coat said something ineligible. But I heard I beeping sound. I was on a heart monitor. Then a mask was put over my nose and I passed out.
I don’t really know when I awoke from that. I was stiff and cramped. When I tried to stand I hit my head against a ceiling. ’Okay, did I just grow like five feet or something?’ Then I realized they had put me in a crate. I looked around me, chimeras all around me. They were looking at me with big, scared eyes. Some were part lizard, dog, and god knows what else. ’What if they did it to me? Yesterday in the room, what were they doing? I have to get out of here!’ I thought. Then a door opened and two people in white coats came and picked up my crate. I was silent, trying to act dead. Oh, yeah smart idea. Then I was put on a table and strapped on, and got a IV stuck in my arm. I really was freaking out. I heard a voice say : “I can’t wait until I can slice her up.” Then a female voice, “ I just want to extract her brain and rip her DNA open.” I could tell that they were bad people and they were going to turn me into the people back there. I tried to get free, but they had me good. I was really hating my self right now. Then everything went black.
Part 2 : Testing
Okay it has been a week since my last experimentation done on me. Now, they were testing me if I could survive. Everyday they would run all sorts of test, and then after that, a little break, and then to the physical. Today I felt even horrible. I wanted to go home, and rest and never be here again. I felt like crying but I couldn’t. We came into a room that I wasn’t familiar with, and they sat me down. I watched them, as I always do to people. It was a good habit, it had come in handy before. Now the room, behind the glass window started to look like walls were coming from the floor and walls. ’What is this?’ I thought and I studied. Soon I was in the room, and running through the maze. They were testing me. I ran into a dead end and turned around and pause. Big fat mistake. The floor had heating wires in the bottom and if I stayed there more than a minute it would burn my feet. I started to run again, and what felt like an year, I finally ran out of the maze. My feet ached and I had bruises from falling, and being poked by needles. I collapsed as a white coat came up and gave me a drink and then brutally shoved me back into the maze. This time it was harder.


ok, so i was on this rpging website a few mins ago and i wrote in my story. 'Konoha high' it is a fanfic of naruto and this main char. a girl was pranking these to guys in the night. And so she had bombs (smoke) and cracker bombs. but in one of the guys house, he used bombs too. and with the girls bombs and his bombs, well let's just say :KAAAAAAAABOOOOOOOOOOOM. so she is sitting in the air vent in his house watching in horror. here is the question: should she go help the guy that she hates? answer plz. the chars are Raven and Deidara.


ok, so it is the end of tcap! Y-E-A-H and school went well. i'm glad tcap is over , lucky max and the rest, dont have to go to school! but what the really wierd thing is that im reading the 2 nd book : 'School is out- forever'! i just wish that was MY story! but that is a book, and this is the real life. but only 23 more days of school and then summer, and my b-day! but 23 more horrible days in school, ahh, i cant even imagine that. and im home alone! BOOYA par-tay! no, not really, my mom would shred me up.
blondie <3

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my deranged, mental, crazed family!

ok, so, well i cant stop typing and, all. I'm alone in my house, sis taking a bath, mom at the hospital-- checking on her dad, my grandfather. Well what's up with him? He keeps falling and hurting himself. And when the nurse that comes to his house said that he had gained 14 MORE oz. of fiuld (that is bad) he had to go to the hopsital, she siad that it will help him and then he is going to rehab, and i just talked to my mom. She is coming home! *saracastically speakin* i really dont want her home, i want to stay up and write to you. But yeah, where was i? oh yeah, the part about my grandfather being in the hospital, and she complains and complains about him falling every day and my grandmother and big sister - she lives with them. have to struggle to pick him up. And the other day my big sister had a mental break down in the car. The whole complaining part is driving me insane!! i mean she just talks about him , and you may think im being shelfish but im not. I really do care for him, but sometimes it really gets annoying with my mom. But come on, i should give her a break. Well , i think i'm going to get off that subject and on to my day. My sister and i went to the dentist. my sis has really bad hygine and i'm ok. oh, and another thing about my crazed family is that my dad always talks to my sister and not me! it's like im invisble to him and stuff! I'm about to go on a war path with him and my whole family for a matter of fact.
c ya,
po'd and about to go to war.

ps, please pary for me to come out victorious in the battle. I wonder if i WILL.


Daydreaming in the shower, not singing...for once...

ok, so like i was daydreaming in the shower and thinking about my book that i am reading,and thinking about a tv show i watch. So when i like do stuff like i do in the shower, and by the way, my mom isnt home so i took like a like REALLY long shower, just like daydreaming and just like nothing. and the creepy part was that the book and the tv show are kinda alike in a way. Oh, i'm sorry, i didnt tell you what i am talking about, well the book is 'Maximuim Ride' by James Patterson. The show is called: 'Fullmetal Alchemist.' So i got this really wierd idea that the creature things from fullmetal are kinda like the flock from Maximuim Ride. So it is really disturbing me! The worse part is that i cant get it out of my head! I think i am going to go crazy and that i'm going to be going to the school! Oh. NO.!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

hyper and crazy

hey guys! right now i'm hyper but tired at the same time and its ddriving moi crazy! i have a question: which way is it easier to die? by angery mob of villagers or jump off a cliff?