Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maximum Ride Fanic

okay, i started a maximum ride fanfic and i'm typing it up:

The Maximum Ride Fanfic
By: Molly Four
Part 1 : Them
Okay so ya’ll will all be thinking this , why am I walking in a back ally? Well, you see, I’m meeting someone here. No, not my boyfriend, but a guy I know that is tied up with Tucker. Oh, where are my manner’s? I’m Lilly, but everybody calls me Rave, I do have a last name , but I don’t have parents anymore , so I don’t have to have a last name. I’m going to meet him, and exchange info. But I was thinking the same thing: Why in a dark ally, in the middle of the night? I just shrugged it off, not knowing what the hetch I was getting myself into. Oh, and it is right by a big libratory. Yet again I shrugged off the bad vibe I was getting, my dad’s side of the family. Okay, as I entered the ally, and a guy, well not a guy, a thing , I think it was a chimera , but it was to big to be one and it was hairy and it snarled, or spoke. I don’t know! Okay, I was mortally shocked at this that I didn’t know that there was another one. I felt a stinging pain and I hit the asphalt like a ton of bricks.
I felt a weird numbing , stinging feel. I was groggy from last night. I heard voices, and the room smelled of sanitary soap. Was I in the hospital? No, remember that building I told you about? Yes, I was in there. Okay, you will probably think I am a chicken, but I started to freak and the nurse in a white coat said something ineligible. But I heard I beeping sound. I was on a heart monitor. Then a mask was put over my nose and I passed out.
I don’t really know when I awoke from that. I was stiff and cramped. When I tried to stand I hit my head against a ceiling. ’Okay, did I just grow like five feet or something?’ Then I realized they had put me in a crate. I looked around me, chimeras all around me. They were looking at me with big, scared eyes. Some were part lizard, dog, and god knows what else. ’What if they did it to me? Yesterday in the room, what were they doing? I have to get out of here!’ I thought. Then a door opened and two people in white coats came and picked up my crate. I was silent, trying to act dead. Oh, yeah smart idea. Then I was put on a table and strapped on, and got a IV stuck in my arm. I really was freaking out. I heard a voice say : “I can’t wait until I can slice her up.” Then a female voice, “ I just want to extract her brain and rip her DNA open.” I could tell that they were bad people and they were going to turn me into the people back there. I tried to get free, but they had me good. I was really hating my self right now. Then everything went black.
Part 2 : Testing
Okay it has been a week since my last experimentation done on me. Now, they were testing me if I could survive. Everyday they would run all sorts of test, and then after that, a little break, and then to the physical. Today I felt even horrible. I wanted to go home, and rest and never be here again. I felt like crying but I couldn’t. We came into a room that I wasn’t familiar with, and they sat me down. I watched them, as I always do to people. It was a good habit, it had come in handy before. Now the room, behind the glass window started to look like walls were coming from the floor and walls. ’What is this?’ I thought and I studied. Soon I was in the room, and running through the maze. They were testing me. I ran into a dead end and turned around and pause. Big fat mistake. The floor had heating wires in the bottom and if I stayed there more than a minute it would burn my feet. I started to run again, and what felt like an year, I finally ran out of the maze. My feet ached and I had bruises from falling, and being poked by needles. I collapsed as a white coat came up and gave me a drink and then brutally shoved me back into the maze. This time it was harder.


Emo Vampire Chick said...

OMG! This story is soooooooooo amazing this is your best work yet.

ravenuchiha0 said...

hey thank ya!