Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maximum Ride Fanic

My feet kept getting burned and I fell twice!! By the time I got out of there, I was a mess. My feet were bleeding, from being burned. And I fell hard on my cheek. I wanted to stop, lie down in my cage and forget this every happened. I got my wish, the white coats shoved me back into the room and I got in my cage.
Part 3: Oh, no.
Ok, so the next day I was soar all over. Plus my heart hurt too, I don’t know what the white guys did to me. I waited for them to come, and get me, and they did. Instead of the usual , we went outside. ‘My chance to get away.’ I thought. The white guys left and I was alone. I was wandering what they where talking about.
“Should we see, if the experiment worked?” the short guy asked. “Yes, but how do we make her?” a women asked. “How, ‘bout we take off her shirt, and see if they even grew? Then we could let the Erasers after her?” a man asked. “No, we won’t let the Erasers out, but we will see if they grew. She looks like she would adapt quickly.” They went outside again.
I heard the footsteps and turned. They had a look on their faces that scared me. They started to walk forward, and I backed up. “Now, listen, we just have to look at something on your back, so if you could be so kind, lift up your shirt.” one lean guy said. I didn’t trust them, but I guess they wouldn’t hurt me, so I did. I felt them run there finger’s up and down my spine, they were saying really weird things, that I didn’t understand. But then one did something that made me scream in pain. I fell to my knees, panting. My back hurt like hell. “Sorry, I didn’t know that would hurt,” the guy said. I didn’t answer him. “So, she does have them?” a female said. ‘What?’ I thought. I got to my feet, something felt really weird. My back and shoulders were heavier. My shadow on the grass looked like I had grown wings. ‘Am I going nuts?’ I thought. I reached back and touched feathers! I had grown wings!! So I am now a avian-kid. My life is ruined. I wanted to test out my freak wings and maybe I would have a chance. “So, now that I’m officially a bird hybrid, when do I get to test these babies out?” I asked. The white coats looked surprised that I actually liked them. “Well, now we’re going to teach you how to fly.” the women said. I shrugged at the idea and went a long. “One, thing you mustn’t EVER forget, keep flapping. Then to stop, bank and slowly and gently let your self down. To turn, just tilt either wing. It is kind of like flying an air plain.” I nodded, trying to get everything in my head down. “Ok, try to flap.” At first it was really hard, my muscle weren’t used to it and after ten minutes of flapping , managed to get a inch off the ground. That got me really excited and I flapped harder, and I got farther in the air. When I was about five feet in the air, a bad thing happened. My muscles in the back , cramped and I fell. It only took two milliseconds to fall, hard on the grass. I had knocked the wind out of me. I saw stars and the white coats looking down at me. “Ok, let’s stop for today.” the lean guy said. You can say that again. I got up, my back hurt , and fell on my leg too. So I limped to my crate. I was happy to be done today. I paused at me crate , wondering how I was going to get in with my freakishly large new white wings. “Fold them in.” A girl said. “What?” I asked confused. “Try to fold them in.” the girl repeated. I did and struggled, but got it. “Thanks, what is your name?” I asked. “I’m Max, you are?” max asked. “Col. Rave.” I said. “So, you’re a dog of the military?” max asked. “Yes, but I can’t go back. Now that I’m well…” I hesitated. “A freak, like me.” max said. “huh?” I asked confused. “I have wings too, and so does the rest.” Max said. “Wait, there is more of you?” I asked. “Yes, guys say hello to rave.” Then ‘hellos’ came. “So, how long have you’ve been like that?” I asked. “Fourteen years. For the three oldest.” max said. “wow, that must be hard.” I said. “Yes, it is , because we have Erasers following us. We escaped from this lab, and we’ve been on the run from the white coats and the Erasers.” Max said. “Why, and the white coats treat me fine.” “Not for long, and I really don’t know why.” Max said. “So, how did you get stuck back here in hell?” I asked. “Trying to save angel, she is the littlest one of the group.” max said. “Oh, ok. Are you guys planning on escaping sometime?” I asked. “Yes, when ever they can let us out into the training fields. We are going to fly away.” max had a lot of determination in her voice. It got quiet and then max spoke, “ You, want to join the Flock?” “Huh?” I asked. “You want to join my group? It would be fun to have another member. Hey, guys what do you think? Should Rave join?” Then ‘yes’s’ came from the room. I blushed. “Well, then I guess you are the newest member, Rave.” Max said. I smiled, “Thanks. But how are we going to escape?” “Well, I really haven’t thought that far.” Max said. We talked about how to escape. We finally got to a good plan. We just had to wait , until one of the guards came by. Then Angel would do her thing. We waited until the guard came by, oh it took forever!! I felt like I was going to explode if I didn’t get out of here. Then a tubby guard came by, and kicked all our cages. Then he came to Angel’s, “Hello, would you mind if I have the keys?” “Yes, I don’t mind. Here you go,” the guard said and gave her the keys. “Thanks, now go away and you don’t remember anything.” “I have to go,” and he walked out. Angel unlocked her cage and came around to all of ours. Then we carefully snuck out. But, then an Eraser had to come around the next corner. “Go,” Max said. Fang lunged forward at him. They were fighting, then it morphed to an wolf. He snapped his large yellow canines at Fang, and managed to nick fang’s face. “Now, you really deserve that!” Fang said, and did a spin kick into the Eraser’s neck. He fell crumpled on the floor. “Max, more are coming.” Iggy said

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