Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay, hey! Sorry i didn't up date for a while. Just been busy! *coughnotreallycough* Well, my science teacher (mrs. Worsham) is freaking annoying and she WONT approve of my friend's and my science fair projects! I am running out of ideas here! She is just so crazy! ARGH i want to kill her! She needs to be fired, and go back to missippi and be a hill billy! Damn her and that fucking science fair project! We had writer's club today, it was fun. Oh, i am writing my own version of Mettimeo/ Martin the Warrior book! I hope to post it on here soon! Though, i am on a writer's block. - - ' Oh, and MASH is sooooo bull! It's basically detetion to the people who don't do there homework. Toture.

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uncle said...

tell us how you really feel!
some shocking language,my dear.
besides,i'm part hillbilly myself.