Monday, May 5, 2008


ok, so well where to start? Well 1) we had a pop quiz in math 2) i'm trying to get my 10 hrs for my communityl service project, which i honestly thinks is crap. 3) my science teach is lecturing to us that if we fail our lab test - we fail science. 4) Chorus, we have a project. 5) my friend is inviting me to c a movie on the last day of school and afterwards, we get to burn our notes! I'm really glad, me and my friend- Erin Gill, screamed at the teachers, " I hope you heard that we are going to burn your crapy notes!" and they actually looked at us! 6)I keep having High on Oxygen attachs( dont ask) yeah that is pretty much my day. i really need to show my friends. they'll crack up.
ps,\. my new ego is : thcb or The Hyper Crazy Blonde.
peace out dudes!
i pwn joo loosers! no jk nobody is a looser, well except a guy in my class.

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